iOS device - tilt controls

september 28, 2011 10:27pm

Today we bring you another slightly more technical Blog. I want to talk about our solution for tilt controls on iOS. When I originally started out with setting up this control scheme for the player, I thought it would be a piece of cake. Because it's simply nothing more then directly mapping the angle the device is held at to the angle the wheels are at for controlling a vehicle. A quick search on the forums and some questioning IRC confirmed this was as easy as I had hoped. Since our game is locked from rotating the screen around, we knew how the device was held, and could base our cod...

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Indie developer journal

So we're nearly 11 months into this project. I can't remember the last time I got paid, we're taking a risk with this project. Fortunately we're stupid enough to think that we know what we're doing and we're hanging in t...

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Creating game levels from scratch

My background is in first person multiplayer level design, I created competitive levels for over 8 years in the modification community, providing the theatre of war for thousands of competitive matches between rivalling ...

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Unity mobile optimisation (iOS)

At the start of the project, we've never had our hands on Unity before. The engine looked capable, and very promising, now we are getting near the end of your project, we are glad we took that decision. Ofcourse with l...

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Make your own game

If you're wondering how to make a game, here's my approach. Learning new skills When you're starting a game project, chances are you have to learn new skills, be it learn how to design your own level, draw in a certa...

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Indie game project organisation

At the time of writing our project contains over 6800 files, nearing 700 check-ins to our depository. With such a massive project, how do we manage all this stuff? Document Use documentation, but don't over-document....

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Take a chance

In October 2010 it suddenly made a whole lot of sense. We had a little demo running to show what we could do with Unity 3D. Then it just clicked. We started brainstorming ideas about the project and we got busy. 8 mon...

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Latest News

Final Run available on the AppStore!

After 15 months of hard work we're extremely proud to finally have our ambitious project driving action/vehicular combat game Final Run online on the AppStore! IT'S ONLY $3,99! Check it out!

Final Run - Vehicle action game for iOS!
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