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september 21, 2011 11:25am

In October 2010 it suddenly made a whole lot of sense. We had a little demo running to show what we could do with Unity 3D. Then it just clicked. We started brainstorming ideas about the project and we got busy.

8 months of actual production time later. It's been a crazy ride to get as far as we are. It has been over a thousand hours of work already for me alone. At one point we raised the idea of start measuring our game's progress in terms of consumed energy drinks (we drink em by the pint).

I am personally not a stranger to hard work or game projects. I have been making 3D game levels since I was 12. At the age of 16 I managed projects which took up to a half year to complete. This was at a time when there were no game resources on the web. If you wanted to texture your level you had to go out with a primitive digital camera, find some mean looking buildings and climb over the fence to get to the right spot. Just lighting a level would take well over half an hour. Truly, being a level designer and environment artist was no pastime, rather a complete life style. You really had to love what you were doing and hope that people would fin and play your levels.

The past 10 months have been a real test, at times it feels like a plunge in the deep with so many new skills to learn. The amount of work we have done is just terrifying, and there's still a heap of content we have to sort through. Having worked on this project full-time, I'm glad to be able to see the end is truly in sight.

Luckily when motivation is at a low, all I have to do is run the game. Playing your own game and really enjoying it is just the best feeling.


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