Final Run for iOS

"A storyline so perfect that all it lacks only is a well renowned actor and actress."
- AppCroc


"The gameplay is awesome with great graphics & story. Go pick up Final Run!"

4.5 / 5

"Those who love action packed driving games should definitely check out this alltogether great indie game."


Final Run setting

A catastrophic global epidemic has wiped out millions. Now the highly contagious infected have been contained. Bordering the containment area lies the Grey Zone. In this derelict no-man's-land, only the desperate survive...

In Final Run, renegade scavenger Kurt Boltares finds himself protecting Doctor Shizu Lee as they are forced to flee the containment area. Having betrayed their former leader, a ruthless mercenary they call the Chief, they know that if they can't escape, he'll have them killed. Or, if they're really unlucky... the Virus will get them first.

Vehicle to Vehicle Combat

Unlock all of 6 awesome cars and 6 weapons and go face-to-face with the Fringe's bad-to-the-bone settlers!

Massive 3D game world

Explore 19 unique levels in a colossal world. Jump in at any time, revisit any unlocked level and achieve all level goals!

A desperate move

An amazing story carries you through the game; find out the true motivation of our hard lined protagonists! Final Run's accessible design allows everyone to enjoy the story from start to end!

Mercenaries from a dead city

Traverse hostile terrain and dash across mined roads, ambushes and booby trapped bridges!

Stay on top

Share your ventures or challenge your friends over the best times through Facebook and Twitter!

...and much more!

  • Fight off the zombie infection!
  • Each unique handling vehicle responds differently to the world!
  • Universal App; Buy once, install on all your iOS devices! Compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S, iPad 1 and 2, and iPod touch 3rd and 4th Gen!
  • Support for iCade a Bluetooth iPad arcade cabinet!
  • Support for iControlPad, a Bluetooth control pad accessory!

Final Run

Final Run is a third person action game. Combining elements of driving action, vehicular combat and exploration into one epic adventure! Developed for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad!


Screenshot of Final Run Screenshot of Final Run Screenshot of Final Run
Screenshot of Final Run Screenshot of Final Run Screenshot of Final Run


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Update from the developers

February 26th 2012 - ROTOR GAMES is proud to inform 'Final Run' is now available on the AppStore. Final Run had been in development for 15 months.

Its core team consist of Sjors and Dennis. Sjors worked on the game full time, taking care of art, design, production and directing external developers. Dennis who worked part time on the tech side, game code, as well as design and design direction.