Welcome to the game/level design portfolio of Sjors Janssen. The goal of this website is to provide the viewer with an idea of my art and design background. This site contains a selection of work and is not my complete portfolio. Hover over the icons to preview an item, click the icon for more indepth detail.

Industry Work

Killzone 2 (PS3)DRIVER San Francisco (Xbox 360/PS3)Trapped Dead (PC)

Level design

Desert RaidStåhlbergStadtrandDeltaQuake 3 design and environment art

3d models

AKS-74UMP5A4GLOCK 17Mac M10Various 3D game models

2d work

Game weapon model texturesWall texturesTexture pack

Killzone 2 
 Level Design and Scripting 
 SCEE, Guerrilla (2007-2008)

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