Sjors Janssen is a 25 year old video game industry professional based in the Netherlands.

Sjors has worked on 6 commercial video game titles, including 2 released AAA games as a level designer/game designer. These titles include:

* Killzone 2, Level Designer/Scripter for SCEE Guerrilla (2007-2008)
* DRIVER San Francisco, Level Designer/Scripter for Ubisoft Reflections (2010)
* Fairytale Fights, Level Designer for Playlogic (2009-2010)
* Trapped Dead, freelance External Producer with Headup Games (2010)

Prior to his professional employment, Sjors was a veteran in the modification community. Autonomously and as part of the TeamTerminator development team, Sjors created original multiplayer level designs for 8 years. Working on the tactical action first-person shooters TrueCombat:Elite and Q3:TrueCombat, he was responsible for the entire production of his levels from start to finish; taking care of the design, environment art, lighting, texture art, props and optimization.

In 2010 Sjors founded Rotor Games, where he assumes the role of Creative Producer on his own independent title, taking care of art and design. Sjors accepts work on a freelance basis within the video games industry. He can be contacted via e-mail at or through LinkedIn.